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Forbidden Series

Forbidden Footsteps

Forbidden Series ~ Three

Peril lurks in the old-world historic streets and shadowy back alleys of the City of Light that brings Cindy to question both her sanity and her heart.

Is the risk to find true happiness worth her life?


Fleeing  her violent past to find a new life,  Cindy Hastings'

bright future turns dark, as her whirlwind courtship to the wealthy  and  sensual  French  rock  star  Jean-Claude LeGrand  uncovers his expertly crafted façade and  exotic sexual tastes. His sinister secrets create a razor-edge race for her between love and lust, fraught with terrifying evil.


Cindy is forced to face the hidden scum of Paris’ murky underworld to find the truth. Could  handsome English-speaking Stuart Dumont be her only lifeline to survival?


Forbidden Series ~ Two


They endured hell to be together. Now Larry must suffer again to find his lost love. 

World famous singer, Larry Davis, frantically searches for his wife, Taylor, who has been missing for more than 18 months. He’s convinced he sees her in a London dress shop, but the lookalike tells him her name is Tiffany, and she is married to renowned neurosurgeon, Clive Bradford, Earl of Lantham. Larry is certain Tiffany is really Taylor, and on an impulse, he gives her a ticket and pass to his evening performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

His quest to prove he is right is fraught with unexpected danger as he follows a trail of passion, lust, betrayal, and revelation. 


Kindlebook and Paperback

Front Row Center

 Forbidden Series ~ One

 ***Rated R for mature readers***


Their attraction was electric. Their affair explosive. And their love devastating to those around them.

Despite being happily married, Taylor Allen found herself deeply attracted to singing legend and eligible bachelor Larry Davis. But, it remained a simple infatuation until she finds herself in the front row, center seat, at one of his most anticipated concerts. Their eyes meet and electricity arcs between them like a summer lightning storm.


But, living a fantasy that millions of women dream of could come at a steep price.



Kindlebook and Paperback


Before their fingers touched, she was in his vortex.


MP3 Audio Version

2-CD Set - Autographed.

40+ hours listening time.



  • ISBN-10: 0980245923

  • ISBN-13: 978-0980245929


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